Caring for your feathers

How to care for your feathers

Every item of ours is hand crafted by one of our talented team members, making your garment unique to you.

Please take care of your precious timeless piece by closely following our care recommendations:

- Professional dry clean only - please consult your dry cleaner first to ensure they are experienced in cleaning and caring for feather garments;
- Store your garment away from natural light as this may cause discolouration given the natural make of materials; and
- Store your garment in a breathable clothing bag.

Please note: During the shipping process your garment and feathers will become compressed, upon receipt of your garment you will need to revolumise your feathers.

This is easily achieved by either;

a) vigorously shaking your coat, preferably outdoors given the natural product will malt. Please do not be alarmed by shedding as this is completely normal given the natural fibre and make of the garment.


b) gently blow dry your garment on a low COLD setting, this will instantly add volume back into your garment and blow away the excess feathers that may have come lose during the shipping process.

Both methods given above have the same desired affect. Volume = Perfection 

Lastly, please bear in mind that your garment is a natural product so it is normal to experience initial moulting. This will substantially reduce with wear. 

Enjoy and love your elegant timeless jacket, guaranteed to be passed down generation to generation. 


The AIYA Girls